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June 2, 2013
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The annoying and constant beeping of your alarm woke you up that morning. Lazily, you stretched your arm out from under the warm covers to smash the snooze button to stop the irritating noise from bothering you any further.

"Ughh..." You groaned, rolling onto your right side so you could get a good look at today's date. Your white calendar hung on the wall next to your bedside with most of its tiny squares crossed with red 'X's. Today was, in fact, the very last Wednesday of August!

El Festival De Los Tomates

Your tiredness was suddenly replaced by dazzling excitement. You jumped out of your bed in a hurry before sprinting downstairs. Grabbing the nearest phone, you quickly dialed Antonio's number. It rang a couple of times before someone actually answered.


"Toni, it's me!" You practically shouted, showing your extreme excitement.

"_________! Do you realize what today is?" He cheered.

"Yes, I do! Meet me up near the fountain at noon!"

"Bueno!" Then you both hung up in unison. Without wasting another second, you ran back up to your room and towards your drawers.

Bathing suit, bathing suit, bathing suit...

Obviously, you were searching for your bikini. You certainly didn't want to ruin any of your good clothes, did you? After what looked like an eternity, you found something suitable to wear. It was simply a navy blue strapless bikini that you had bought last week, knowing an event like this one was coming up. Removing your PJ's, you slipped into the suit and checked yourself in the mirror. Everything looked good so far. You grabbed a random pair of jean shorts and a black tank top and put them over your swimsuit.

Right after brushing your messy hair, you dashed back downstairs and ate a very little breakfast of one apple and leftover pancakes. Feeling a bit stressed out, you checked the clock that hung behind you.



You threw your dishes away while making a run for the door. After slamming it loudly behind you, it took a couple of seconds of key fiddling before you could lock it correctly. Sighing, you turned your heels and made your way down the concrete staircase. Now you were thankful you lived so close to the fountain, because it was only 2 minutes away from where you lived. The last thing you wanted to do was to make Toni wait.


The young Spaniard was currently sitting on the edge of the fountain, waiting for your arrival. More people were starting to gather up around him for the upcoming festival. Excitement and life shone from their eyes. Most of them were wearing their swimsuits or just some old clothes they considered useless, considering they were going to be splattered with tomatoes soon.

Every year, on the last Wednesday of August in the town of Buñol, the Festival De Los Tomates (also known as La Tomatina) is held in which participants and citizens engage in an immense tomato fight. To be a part of the fight, you had to be aware that tomatoes stain clothes easily. So technically, nothing fancy!

You and Antonio had participated every year since you were children. It was, can we say, a tradition for you two?

Antonio fiddled with his fingers and tapped his foot on the ground nervously. The fight was about to begin and you still hadn't arrived. He was wearing an old white T-shirt along with a pair of worn out shorts. The day was getting hotter by the minute, and every guy seemed to be getting shirtless, so he finally took the decision to take his off as well. Just as he slipped it off...

"Toni?" He spun around quickly, only to be greeted with your pretty face.

"_-______! Hola!" You chuckled and blushed a bit, seeing him becoming nervous. Without a shirt on. Ay, caramba!

You removed your tank top and your shorts, not feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable getting undressed in front of practically everybody. It was only your swimsuit, after all.

"So, you coming? The fight's about to start!" You cheered, setting your bag near the fountain. Antonio simply kept both of his eyes glued to you until reality smacked him in the face.

"Si, let's go!" He grabbed your hand and led you into the growing crowd of people.


You both stood together among your other friends, Gilbert, Francis and Lovino. This was their first year and they were getting all hyper. Especially Gil and Francis, who were basically just here to flirt with some Spanish girls. As for Lovino, Antonio bugged him until he accepted to join them. But that didn't mean he couldn't complain about it.

"Cazzo, che bastardo costringermi a participate a questo stupido combattimento. Giuro che prima o poi lo ucciderò" He muttered to himself. You took a couple of steps back, frightened a bit by his attitude.

"Toni, what is he saying?" You whispered. Your friend laughed and ruffled your hair.

"Stuff you don't want to hear, chica." You smiled at his cheery attitude and nodded. Suddenly, a voice echoed throughout the crowd of strangers.

"Bienvenida, todo el mundo! ~ Welcome, everyone!" Voices went from shouting to hushing, seeing as though a message was being publicly announced.

"La lucha comenzará pronto! En 2 acta! ~ The fight will start soon! In 2 minutes!" You jumped up and down while squealing in delight. Antonio chuckled at your silliness and watched you get all excited.

He caught himself staring at you again and snapped himself out of it before you noticed him. He had to gain control over himself, or you'd find out about his growing interest in you. Well, it wasn't as if he was subtle about it from the beginning. The boy's heart practically exploded whenever you were around! The loud voice resonated again through large speakers and he pulled himself together again.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LUCHAR!" People grabbed their tomatoes and started throwing them at other people. Tomatoes here, tomatoes there, tomatoes everywhere!

Antonio grabbed a handful of them and got ready to aim at your perfect little face, but it seems you beat him to it, for you had already thrown your ammo in his direction. A red and perfectly plump tomato hit him square in the chest, causing him to fall backwards. He was surprised at your arm strength.

"HA! GOT YOU!" You cheered, fist pumping the air. He go back up and smirked deviously.

"Oh really? Then what do you say about THIS?" He grabbed you by the waist, twirled you around and smashed the red fruit right in your face, kind of like when you would smash a pie in somebody's face on those old TV shows.

The Spaniard was sent to the ground laughing, bumping into a few other people at the same time. You, on the other hand, wiped your face with the back of your hand, desperately trying to get rid of the sticky juice.

"Hey, not fair!"

"Si, it was!"

You were both acting like children, it showed. To get your revenge, you quickly crouched down and tripped him, sending him to the tomato covered ground once again. Antonio fell directly on his butt and had a rather confused look on his face. You crossed your arms over your chest in confidence and stuck your tongue out at him.

By now, the two of you were covered in tomato juice. It stuck to your hair and stained your swimsuit. But you couldn't care less. You were having just so much fun right now!

Antonio tried to get back up, but kept on slipping, making a fool out of himself. Random people around you snickered at his failure. He finally got back onto his two feet, until he accidentally stepped on a tomato peel and tripped frontwards. And it just so happens you were standing exactly where he was headed. You saw him coming, but didn't have enough time to dodge him. The young Spaniard fell directly on top of you, making you tumble to the ground. The first couple of seconds, you were both a little dizzy from the harsh impact. But when you regain control, you realized the position you were in. Antonio's heart was beating abnormally fast, for his chest was pressed to yours. You looked up at him and couldn't help but let a small blush appear. He noticed this and laughed nervously. He had never felt this weak before. But he quickly regained his confidence and laughed.

"Hey, you have a little bit of tomato on your face."

"What?! Where?!" You asked a little too fast.

Great, I must really look attractive with tomato all over my face!

"Right... here." He kissed you, making sure to lick the sweet juice at the same time.

Your eyes widened rather quickly and you felt your entire body take fire. It felt... great. No, amazing! You melted in his embrace and dared to let your eyes close. When you pulled away, you noticed he had a bit of tomato on his lips as well.

"You have a little bit of tomato juice on your face too, you know~" You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down for another blissful kiss. You both ignored the surprised stares you got from people around you and just lied there on the ground in each others arms.

"Te amo, _________." He chuckled.

"I love you too, Toni."

"Get some, Toni!" You both looked up to realize Gilbert and Francis staring down at you with wide smirks on their faces. Francis stroked his once silky blond hair that was now stained red.

"Mes beaux cheveux!" He cried.
Request for :iconkatrucha: ~ Hope you enjoyed it! <3
I'm really proud of this one, because I haven't done a SpainxReader in months! Also, for those who had requested a CountryxReader from me, don't worry! I'm trying to write them as quickly as possible! Just that school is giving me too much homework -.-

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz ©
Image does not belong to me, credit goes to the rightful owner (found it on Google)
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