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February 11, 2013
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It had been a long week since you had last seen Antonio at the airport. The goodbyes weren't as hard as you thought they'd be because you both had each other's numbers. Plus, you had received a call from him yesterday. Not a single word in the world could describe your happiness when you heard that cheerful Spanish accent.

Toni had told you to meet him at Le Pont des Arts tonight at 7PM. You were so excited at the idea of seeing him again, you agreed right away, without even checking your agenda to see if you were free. Thankfully, you had the night to yourself! So that meant a date with Toni in one of the most romantic spots in Paris.

It was currently 5:45 PM so you stripped your clothes off and rushed into the shower. You washed so quickly, you could of set a world record for fastest shower ever taken!

As you wrapped your towel around your waist, you took care of carefully blow drying your (h/c) hair.

After making sure each strand was fully dried, you got into a cute dress that stopped at the half of your thighs. You applied a light amount of mascara and blush, since you were never a big fan of intense makeup on your face.

After finally finding a suitable pair of ballerinas, you pulled up your hair into a messy bun, trying to look as casual as possible. You didn't want to look like if you were attending some royal ball.

You grabbed your keys and locked the door as you shut it behind you. It was summer so the evening was of a delightful temperature.

You stopped for a moment on your front porch, breathing in the warm yet soothing summer air. There was a the scent of roses and orchids floating around. The bakery next door was still open and you could clearly inhale all of the delicious odors. How you loved Paris.

Le Pont des Arts wasn't too far away, so you decided to walk instead of taking the bus. Besides, it was worth it! You hadn't been in this city for such a long time and you felt like discovering the place a bit.

You walked down the stone road, whistling slightly as there was nobody but you around. A few apartment lights were on, though. But as you turned the corner, everything changed. A small smile crept onto your delicate face.

Music booming from everywhere, restaurant lights shining like a thousand suns and people coming from all around the world to visit this wonderful place. You were now in the heart of Paris.

You looked around, pleased to see so many happy people on this special night. You suddenly remembered why this night was so special.


Just thinking his name gave you chills. A small blush spread across your already rosy cheeks.


You had been walking for quite a while now. But soon enough, you found yourself standing in front of the bridge. The sun had not completely vanished yet, but you could see the moon slowly rise from its comfy spot. A few stars also decided to greet you. As you looked to your right, you saw a bunch of happy couples nuzzling into each other's embrace. Same thing to your left.

And there he was.

You recognized him with his messy brown hair and his casual way of leaning on the edge of the bridge.

He didn't seem to know you were there. I mean, you were still quite far away. So you slowly approached him from behind.

No wonder he chose this place to meet up with you; it was the most beautiful place you've ever seen! The silent river flowed beneath your feet, and the city lights shined at their fullest. Even from this distance.

You were now standing right behind him and he still hasn't noticed your presence. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts. You smiled at how cute he looked.

You took the opportunity to fluff your hair up and soften your dress from any visible wrinkles. When you thought you were ready, you gently tapped his shoulder.

He jumped and quickly spun around. His face instantly softened as his seductive gaze met yours.

"Buenas noches, mi señora." He gave you his biggest smile he could give.

You looked down, a tad bit embarrassed.

"Hi Antonio." You had the bad habit of biting your lip, and couldn't resist the temptation.

He eyed you from head to toe, contemplating your every detail.

"You look amazing, tonight. I really missed you this past week." He held out his arms, offering a hug.

You gladly accepted it, because you too had missed him immensely.

"I really missed you too."

As you let go of his hug, you noticed his cheeks becoming pinker than they already were.

"Have you eaten dinner yet?

"Uh no, actually. I figured out you already had something planned out tonight."

"Perfecto! Yes I did have something planned out, and I sincerely hope you will like it!"

He held out his arm, offering you to wrap yours around it.

"Shall we?" He asked in a charming tone.

"We shall."

Antonio walked with you until you reached a small restaurant not too far away from the bridge.

Delicias De España

You chuckled mentally. Of course he'd be bringing you to a Spanish restaurant! But you loved Spanish cuisine, so you had absolutely nothing to complain about.

"An old friend of mine owns the restaurant, so tonight we eat in-"

" ANTONIO! MY BOY OH HOW YOU'VE GROWN! " Toni was cut off by a man's voice coming from inside the little restaurant.

A middle aged man, maybe as tall as him, came running out while waving his arms. He picked up Toni and hugged him like if he were his son.

"Qué bueno verte de nuevo!"

Toni laughed and patted his back. Obviously he was the owner, judging by his looks: He reminded you of a real chef!

"Charles, this is (your name)."

You held out your hand and gave Charles your biggest smile.

"Very nice to meet your, sir." You said politely.

He bowed and kissed your hand, while you just stood there blushing once again.

"Very nice to meet you too, señorita."

As he returned to his normal position, he elbowed Antonio in the ribs which caused him to jump.

"So, you on a date with this fine chica, eh?"

Antonio gulped and vigorously shook his brown locks.

"So you have any free tables for us tonight?" he asked.

"Why of course! Heck, I'll even give you our best table!"

Charles motioned his hands, inviting you to come in. The little restaurant had very small lighting, but that made everything more romantic to your opinion. Tiny little light bulbs hung in rows from the ceiling, which reminded you of the twinkling stars. A few portraits also hung on the walls, paintings of multiple blue oceans and calming seasides.

Charles made a sharp turn to his right, walking onto a very small balcony: small enough to fit a single table.

The cheerful Spaniard applied a white table clothe accompanied with a two branch candle and a cute bread basket. You turned to Toni, slightly chuckling. He had really outdone himself.

He grinned and pulled out a chair, inviting you to take a seat. You gladly accepted it and watched him as he installed himself at the opposite end of the table.

"I'll let you two get settled..." Charles silently made his way out, not wanting to bother your moment with the Spanish man.

"Is this enough for you, chica?" He asked, somehow worried you weren't quite impressed.

You gave him a are you kidding me look and laughed.

"Not enough? Toni this is amazing!" You looked around and pointed everywhere, trying to show him that all of this was just impeccable!

He let a nervous chuckle escape from his throat and took both of your hands into his firm ones.

"I'm really glad you like it, (y/n)."

This time you didn't look away, you kept your gaze locked onto his. His sweet eyes. Never have you seen eyes as bright as his.

"Heeeeeeeeey! I brought you some fideuada!"

Charles came storming in with two plate on each hand. You jumped a bit from the loud voice he used but relaxed as you saw your meal come towards you.

The smell of it made your mouth water and you could hear your stomach cry for help. As your plate landed in front of your hungry eyes, you noticed the dish Charles had prepared for you. It was mostly a mix of pasta,seafood and - you guessed it - all of that was topped off with some fresh homemade tomato sauce.

"This looks delicious, sir!" You complimented as you rubbed your hands together.

"Please, amiga. Just Charles will do!"

You all laughed and you devoured your plate with appetite.


After a magnificent dinner, Antonio shook hands with his old friend, promising him to come back and visit him before he returns to his homeland.

You also sent your farewells to the middle aged man. Being the gentleman he was, he - once again - left a trail of kisses on your hands. Which made Toni look away, maybe a tad bit jealous.

You both walked along the peaceful streets of the now silent city. Only the music from a few street performers could be heard in the night's cool but soothing breeze.

He talked to you about how he had met Charles, about his life back in Spain and how he adored this evening spent with you.

You felt his fingers brush yours, entangling them like a perfect puzzle. You thanked God it was already pretty dark outside, because your cheeks were starting to heat up again.

As you neared your apartment, you felt his grip on your shoulders and spin you around to face him. You looked at him intensely, waiting for him to say something.

"(your name)...I..." he hesitated for a moment there, not really sure how to start his idea.


"I just...well..."

He was now biting his lip and rubbing his right arm. So far he has never been this shy around you. So you started to wonder.

"I just wanted to tell you-"

"HEY TONI! LET'S GO, COME ON WE'RE WAITING!" An unfamiliar voice echoed behind the Spaniard.

He squeezed his eyes shut, as if he wished that had not just happened. When he opened them again, you gave him a rather confused look.

"My, uh...amigos wanted to bring me somewhere after our date...I guess I should-"

"It's okay, you should go with them. It was a really fun night Toni, g'night."

Somehow that had disappointed you a bit. But you chased that idea away and squeezed Antonio's hand, which as still in yours.

You turned to grab your door knob. But he still hadn't let go and spun you around again. Your eyes met his, hypnotizing you with every blink.

The next thing you know, he had already pressed his soft lips against yours.

It happened so quick, yet you melted as every second passed. You wrapped your arms around his neck, deepening the smooch. He placed his hands on your waist, as if begging you to never let go. Never.

A few whistles came from the car parked not too far away. Probably his mates still waiting for him.

They must be getting a show

Toni gently ended the kiss and grinned from ear to ear. So did you.

"Buenos noches, chica."

And with that, he raced down the steps and towards the car. You could of even swore you heard a victory cheer and a "ARRIBA!"

As he jumped into the passenger's seat, you watched him drive away with his lads. All you could do is touch your bottom lip with your fingertips and smile. Leaning on your door, you let out a happy sigh.
Terminé el segundo capítulo!

I really feel proud of this one :iconproudplz: Took me a good....(calculating) 2 and a half hours to write this! Ugggghh :iconyawnplz: A lot of you requested a second part, and so now that your wishes are fulfilled, I shall go and take a nap!

I do not own Hetalia nor do I own the image

Chapter 1: link

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