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February 9, 2013
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You had just parked your car in one of the rare free spots the parking lot had to offer. With a click, you swung your door open and hopped outside. For a moment you just stood there, hands on hips, staring at the immense airport before you.

This is it. It's finally happening.

You had just been offered a promotion in Paris and today was the day you were supposed to leave. You smiled to yourself and picked up your luggage while walking over to the airport's main entrance.

You hadn't taken the plane many times in your life, and this was your first time alone. To be honest, you were quite nervous. But you were more stubborn than weak and you chased all of the bad thoughts away within a second.

As the doors slid open, a huge bunch if people came running from every direction. A few bumped into you without apologizing, which made you furious, and others just passed by. Surely afraid of missing their flight.

You stopped for a moment and looked around. This place was actually pretty big: restaurants at every corner, gift shops and boutiques! A wide and clear screen was hanging on the wall in front of you. In big green letters you could easily read: FLIGHT TO PARIS - DEPARTURE 11:45 AM

That's my ride!

You were about to walk towards a counter until some person collided with you.

You felt yourself drop your luggage and nearly fall to the ground. Your head spun for a moment until you found something to hold onto.

Little did you know you were holding a young man's shoulder.

"Aie! Arrepentido, chica! I didn't know where I was headed off to and must of lost balance and-"

You groaned and rubbed your head until your vision became clearer.

A young man, close to your age, with chocolate brown hair and eyes as green as the meadows back home. He was STILL apologizing for bumping into you when you waved your free hand in front of his face, trying to shut him up.

"Hey dude, look! I'm fine okay? See, nothing broken!"

You shook your left arm with your right hand, trying to make him understand you were perfectly fine. He still looked at you with concern.

"It's nice of you to be concerned about me but I can assure you I'm totally fine." You gave him a sincere smile, and he returned the favor by showing off his perfect pearly white teeth.

"Ok, I believe you. Next time I'll try and look where I'm going, sí?"

You giggled and nodded.

"Now that's a plan! Anyways, I have a plane to catch. See ya 'round!" You picked up your heavy luggage once again and waved your free hand towards him, sending him your farewells.

He suddenly seemed saddened by the fact that you had to leave, but still remained polite and waved his hand as well.

"Adios, chica!"


You were patiently standing in line to give out your passport when the woman standing behind the counter called you. You took a step forward and handed out your small passport. She took it quickly and started to inspect it. You looked away, a bit embarrassed by your profile photo. You knew you weren't at your best that day and regretted not putting a bit of makeup to cover your sleepy eyes.

The lady grabbed a stamp and pressed it onto the passport when you suddenly had a quick flash of the Spaniard you had encountered earlier. He must be long gone by now.

Well he was kind of cute though...

You shook your head and turned your attention back to the employee.

"Have a nice flight,miss." Her smile was a bit forced, and it showed. But you still smiled back.


You walked down the tunnel-looking passage that brought you to the plane. As you entered the narrow door, a flight attendant cheerfully greeted you.

You had forgotten how crowded planes could get. Passengers from every side trying to get comfortable in their small seats, others trying to keep their bags from falling and others sighing in impatience.

You just tried to find your seat as fast as possible. Thankfully, it wasn't too far away. You picked up your bag with your two hands to store it up above your head. You didn't know how, but as you stored it securely, another stranger's luggage slipped from its spot and was about to fall right onto your head.

You covered your face, bracing yourself for the pain to come. As you felt nothing land on you, you looked up only to be greeted by that familiar face you encountered earlier.

It was the Spanish boy who had somehow made it to catch it before it could of reached you.

"Feliz de verte de nuevo, señorita!" He laughed off while placing the bag back to its place.

You just stood there frozen for a second, trying to process what had just happened.

"Um, thanks. How did you-?" you stuttered.

"I was walking back towards my seat and saw the bag about to fall on you. I couldn't just let you get hurt,right?"

You blushed furiously at that last sentence. You placed a curl behind your ear and bit your bottom lip.

"I guess I owed you from bumping into you earlier!" He rubbed behind his neck, and you couldn't help but notice his cheeks becoming a little pinker.

"Hey, could you guys stop flirting and move already ?!" some passenger behind you complained. You had forgotten you were still standing in the middle of the aisle.

"Yeah, uh I guess I should be getting to my seat now...Thanks again."

"Hmm? Oh sí! Me too." Reality coming back to him, he shook his head.

As you slowly walked towards your seat, you noticed he kept going in the same direction as you. When you finally found it and sat down, he sat down next to you. He looked up at you and let out a nervous laugh.

"Well what a coincidence! I guess we'll be together for quite a while now."

"Yes, I know right? And...what?" Your eyes grew wide from what you thought he had just said.

He seemed to realize what he had just said out loud and bit his lip.

"...that came out differently, did it?"

You couldn't help but laugh your head off. His awkwardness was incredibly adorable. But he seemed to become more relaxed as he saw that you weren't bothered by him.

When you were done your little laugh phase, he held out a strong hand towards you.

"I'm Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. Or if you prefer, just 'Toni' will do!" He smiled warmly and tousled his brown locks with his free hand.

You held out yours as well and nodded.

"(first name) (last name), pleasure to meet you!"

And you two just bonded instantly.


As you both felt the plane come to a complete halt, you unbuckled and grabbed both of your luggage.

You kept talking while walking out of the plane and into the Parisian airport. The whole trajectory you had chatted about various topics from hobbies,families and personal life. You learned that he was in Paris to meet with a friend of his, Francis. He had taught you a few words in Spanish and you loved the language so much, you had even promised him to fully learn it one day. He also told you he was currently single, which made you quite happy.

As you reached the the center of the airport, you both made a halt and stopped talking. You both knew this was where your ways parted, and you were surprised how attached you could get to some boy you met 8 hours ago. He was fun,loving and incredibly charming. Any girl would be as lucky as heck to be with him.

Toni looked down while tousling his hair while you played around with a strand of your (h/c) hair.

"I...uh...this was fun." Antonio finally broke the ice.

"Yeah, it really was!" You managed to let out a light giggle.

Another moment of silence dropped between you.

"I would really like to see you again, (y/n)."

You looked up to the Spaniard and smiled. You were thinking the same thing but didn't dare say a word, fearing that he would reject it.

"I would really like that as well, Antonio."

His expression went from worried to content in a flash. He handed you piece of paper and you immediately unfolded it. In it was his phone number and an address.

"The address belongs to my amigo Francis. I'm staying at his place for a while."

You refolded the piece of paper back in its original shape and stuck it into your back pocket.

"I'll keep that in mind, thank you."

You were about to give him a "see you soon" hug until he took your hand and kissed it softly while bowing.

He's one heck of a gentleman

You let out a faint giggle and as he rose from his bowing position, his sweet gaze met yours. You suddenly felt your cheeks grow hotter. You weren't the best when it came to controlling your nervousness.

"Nos vemos por aquí?" he grinned from ear to ear.

You remembered what that meant from your short Spanish lessons earlier in the plane.

"Siempre estaré cerca por."
Hey guys! I was continuing my Hetalia marathon last night and a flipping genius idea popped into my small brain: I SHALL DO A SPAINXREADER! :icongeniusplz:

So this isn't my first XReader (duhh) but it was my first HetaliaXReader, so I'm not so sure how well I did in this one, but I guess you guys are going to tell me in the comments anyways :D

I do not own Hetalia nor do I own the image

I sincerely hope you guys liked it! :heart:

Chapter 2: link
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