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March 5, 2013
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"Lovi, could you get that box over there? I'm kind of busy with this one right here!" You shouted from the top of the spiral staircase. Lovino was at the bottom, carrying a few other boxes out of the car. He raised his head, sending his odd curl bouncing up and down.

"Dammit, why can't you do it yourself, ragazza? For your information, I'm carrying more boxes than you!" The Italian complained.

Sighing loudly, you gave up. If he was going to be stubborn, might as well do it yourself.

I mean, you did owe him for letting you stay at his place. After the accident.


You lived in a small and cozy apartment a couple blocks away from Lovi. It wasn't much, but for you it was enough and you never complained. You were currently living alone and worked daytime as a waitress so you could say everything was going great in your life so far.

Today was Saturday, so that meant you had the day off.

Finally, after a full week of work! I needed a break.

Letting yourself fall onto the small couch, you decided to watch a movie. But before you could even turn the device on, a loud banging on your door interrupted you.

Growling, you managed to get up and walk towards the front door with your back hunched. Clearly, you weren't in the mood.

The banging still hadn't ceased, so you flung the door open, ready to be greeted by some annoying vacuum salesman.

"What do you-"

Eyes widened, you then noticed it was only your good old friend Lovino. He still had his fist clenched hanging in mid air, as if someone had frozen him before he could knock one last time. Eyes as big as golf balls, he finally lowered his arm and scratched the back of his head.

"Oh, hey Lovi! What brings you here?"

"I knew that today was your day off, so I- uh was wondering if you wanted to hang out? Or...uh you know if you don't want to I can just ask the tomato bastard if he-" He was cut off by your excessive nodding.

"No no no! I want to hang out! I do! Just let me grab my phone."

You dashed towards the tiny living room and found your cellphone resting on the counter. Grabbing it, you made a 5 second pit stop to the bathroom, adjusting your clothes and smoothing out your rebellious (h/c) hair. You normally didn't do this. I mean, we're talking about Lovino here. You've known him since forever. But you still felt the need to look presentable.

Running back towards your waiting friend, you carefully closed the door behind you and took the time to lock it.

"Ready, ragazza?" He asked, looking over your shoulder.

Turning towards him, you flashed an irresistible smile.

"You bet!"

And with that you spent the day at the movies and randomly walking around town. You liked spending some quality time with Lovino. Everybody saw him as impatient and unfriendly, but you knew he could also be the fun and caring guy you knew. But that was pretty rare, to be honest.

The sun had already set hours ago and Lovi was walking you back home.

"Damn, it's cold out here!" He grumbled as he hugged himself, trying to keep warm. You could hear his teeth shattering.

"Oh stop whining, you big baby. We're almost home." You laughed.


Out of the blue, two police cars came rushing past you at full speed. Pulling you closer to him to avoid any falling over from your behalf, he shot a death glare at the cars driving away.

"Geez, what's all the fuss? Seriously, they should watch out. You almost fell over, for crying out loud!"

Putting your hand on his shoulder, you reassured him.

"Lovi, I'm fine. You don't have to-"

Turning the last corner, you were finally in front of the building where your cozy apartment was. And it was on fire.

Firetrucks came rushing from every direction and people gathered around the dancing flames of the building, wondering if anybody got hurt.

You stared at the burning edifice, not knowing what to think. Everything you owned was gone.

Feeling your knees become weak, you fell to the cold ground. You felt warm and strong arms wrap around your trembling body.

"I'm sorry, bella. I'm so sorry..."


And that's how Lovino had offered you come live with him for a while. At first you refused, insisting that you could just go back and live with your parents for a little while. Until you were able to provide yourself a new home.

But he simply nodded in refusal, insisting that his place was closer to your work and that it'd be much more easier for you. Finally, you accepted.

Now you were both currently moving a few boxes up into his apartment, which had to be on the top floor.

After a good half an hour of box moving, you let yourself drop on his couch and let out an exhausted sigh.

Closing his front door, Lovino made his way up to you. Ruffling your (h/c) he smirked, which made you raise en eyebrow.

"Are you getting hungry?" He asked right after your stomach decided to demonstrate the mating call of the humpback whale.

Wincing, you nodded. "Yeah, want me to help you make dinner?"

He chuckled and waved his hands. "No, no. I'll make it. You just stay here and make yourself comfortable in your room, ragazza." And with that, he sprinted towards the kitchen, obviously starving.

Chuckling, you slowly walked to your room. It was the guest room, originally. But Lovino was kind enough to let you borrow it, for the time being.

After what seemed like an hour, you heard Lovi calling you from the kitchen.

"(y/n) it's ready!"

You both sat at the small table and began eating your pesto pasta.


It was maybe 1:30 or 2:00 AM, and you were still up. Lovino had went to bed early that night, claiming to be tired. You had told him you were also going to bed, therefor, you couldn't close your eyes. Not even once.

The frightening image of your home dangerously on fire haunted you for hours. Tossing and turning, sleep would not come. You envied your Italian friend, who was probably sound asleep by now. You were still very grateful to him for letting you live here. But he would never offer anyone to stay here, so why you?

Groaning in defeat, you kicked your bed sheets off your body and made your way to the kitchen for a cold glass of water.

Leaning on the cold counter, you looked outside, admiring the city lights. It was such a nice view from up here.

Lost in your trail of thoughts, you didn't notice Lovino appearing behind you, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"(y/n)? What are you doing still up?" He had a rather sleepy voice and seemed even more exhausted than you.

Quickly turning around, his sudden presence slightly startled you. But seeing that it was just him, you relaxed.

"Oh Lovi, it's just you. God, you scared me!"

Lowering your gaze, you noticed he was also just wearing his boxers. Blushing furiously, you tried so hard not to stare. He was also in good shape, which made you slap yourself mentally.

Don't stare! For the love of pasta, don't stare!

The Italian also seemed to be having a mental battle with himself. Looking down at yourself, you completely forgot you were wearing nothing but really short shorts and a too tight tank top.

I just had to pick this outfit to sleep in, great...

Clearing his throat nervously, he looked away.

"Had a hard time falling asleep?..." His voice was barely audible.

"Y-yeah...The fire still haunts me."

He sighed and pulled you into a tight hug. Burying your face in the crook of his neck, you wrapped your arms around his exposed back. His skin was soft.

Remaining in that position, you felt your eyelids get heavier by the second.

Picking you up bridal style, he led you to his room. Not aware of it, you clung to his neck a little tighter.

Gently placing you onto his messed up bed, he crawled up next to you before pulling the sheets  over your heads. You were so close to him. You could feel his warm and steady breathe on your cheeks. Lovino's strong arms wrapped around your waist and he placed his chin above your head.

Cuddling closer to his bare chest, you finally felt sleep take over you.

Smiling to himself, he caressed your soft (h/c) locks. Little did he know you were sound asleep by now. Placing his soft lips onto your forehead, he whispered: "Ti amo."
:iconblushplz: Romano in boxers, vee~

This is a oneshot so I'm not really thinking on making a second part sorry ^^; But I hope you guys still liked it! I was in the shower last night thinking of fire (don't ask why) and I guess this idea came along? ehehe although I would of also liked to add a little more of fluffles but got reeeeaaaally lazy (again)

Part II: [link]
Part III: [link]

I don't own Hetalia
You belong to our smexy :iconsmilingromanoplz:
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