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June 19, 2013
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Vladimir thanked the kind woman who gave him his train ticket before walking away from the counter. His footsteps echoed throughout the empty and lifeless old fashioned station. The place was very poorly lit, excluding a couple of lights that still flickered every few seconds. He walked up to the very edge of the floor and leaned over a bit to see if the train was arriving or not. Another step and he would fall onto the tracks. He was aware of this fact, but being at the train station became a usual thing for him and he didn't fear of falling over.

Seeing as though the train wasn't coming anytime soon, he sighed and took a few steps back. A chilly breeze kissed his neck and he rolled his collar up a bit, trying to block out the wind. His eyes looked up to the darkening skies, not that they weren't dark before. But he couldn't help but notice the darker clouds. It was going to rain, he could feel it.

Vladimir looked to the left, seeing the part of the station with a roof. A roof that could shield him from the upcoming rain.  But he knew he couldn't go considering it was currently under construction. So here he was, standing in the roofless part of the station, ready to get soaked. He took his phone out and checked the time.

11:58 PM

His train should be arriving in about 20 minutes. He wrapped his arms around his long maroon coat. And just when he thought it couldn't get any colder, rain poured from the sky. His blank expression turned into a frustrated frown and he narrowed his eyes at nothing in particular.

The young man let a loud and exaggerated sigh escape his lips.

"Oh, crap!" A rather loud and surprised voice caught his attention. Not too far away stood another person, a young woman to be exact. She was clutching a notebook to her chest and wasn't wearing any coat. Just a small wool sweater. To be honest, she didn't look really comfortable right now. She held her frail little hand above her head in an attempt at covering herself from the heavy rain. After realizing her hand was useless, she took the notebook from her chest and held it closely on top of her head. She winced and sighed, knowing this wasn't helping her situation either. She hadn't noticed Vladimir yet, even though they were the only two people at the train station.

Vladimir chuckled at her silliness. He didn't get a clear view of her face yet, nonetheless, he decided it wouldn't kill him to lend her a hand in this weather. He walked up behind her, slipped his own coat off and held it above her head. He could feel his hair, face and body starting to get soaked with the shivering rain but kept his coat above her.

The young woman, noticing she wasn't getting wet anymore, brought her notebook back to her chest and looked up, confused. When she turned around to see who was holding the coat for her, Vladimir almost dropped it on her. She had one of those faces that made you forgot how to breathe. In a good way of course.

Her (h/c) hair was darker due to the water, her (e/c) eyes held surprise and confusion in them and her flawless skin was completely covered in droplets that resembled more like morning dew. He didn't know how long he stood there, taken away by her own personal beauty. He remembered that he was making a fool out of himself and quickly looked away, avoiding any eye contact with you.

"Oh, thank you! I didn't know I wasn't alone at the station, which is why I was wondering who was holding this coat up for me." She thanked him. Vladimir turned his attention back to her and gulped before speaking.

"Pleasure, miss." She cocked her head to the side and frowned.

"But what about you? Aren't you bothered by the rain?" She eyed him from head to toe, noticing he was shivering.

"I don't mind the rain. As long as you're dry, I can handle it." He smiled forcefully. The girl, not buying his act, shook her head and took his coat from his hands.

"Hey, what are you-" She now held it on top of both of them, protecting them both from the rain. She smiled warmly at him.

"There! Now we can both stay dry."

"Uh, thanks." He usually wasn't this nervous around women. Vladimir was known for being a very confident guy. He had no idea what was happening to all of that. It wasn't normal for him to be acting this way around a girl.

He couldn't help but let a weak blush coat his cheeks. They were both standing pretty close to one another, although the girl didn't seem to mind. She turned to him to start up a conversation.

"So, what brings you here?" He turned to her and bit his lip.

"I...uh... I take the train to go to work and to get back home." She nodded.

"I see. Are you always alone here at night?"

"Pretty much, yeah. But how about you? What brings you here?" The girl chuckled and looked back up at him, making him forget how to breathe again.

"I'm new in this town. I visited a friend today and since I still haven't bought myself a car, I'm taking the train."

"Oh, that's nice." Vladimir mentally slapped himself for that lame reply.

They both just stood there, not saying another word. The rain started to slow down, but she still held the coat above their heads. A heavy and dead silence started to fill the station, making the nervosity in both of them rise. Vladimir inhaled a profound breath and opened his mouth to ask you something he wanted to ask you earlier. But he was cut off by the sound of a loud train whistle.

"Well, that's my ride." She breathed out, giving him his coat back. She started walked towards the train.

"Thanks again for keeping the rain away!" She laughed as she turned her head back at him to give him one last smile. Vladimir watched her walk away with his mouth still agape. He watched her take a step into the old fashioned train and shook his head, trying to wake himself up from his daydream.

"All aboard!" The driver announced from the front. Vladimir started dashing towards the door where the girl had gotten into.

"Hey, wait!" He hollered. She heard his voice call after her and halted. Turning to him once again, she blinked a few times.

"Oh, are you also on this train?"

"Y-Yeah." He lied. His actual train was in 15 minutes, but he couldn't just leave this girl behind. Something about her intrigued him, and he wanted to know more about her.

"Nice! Want to sit together?" She sat on a random seat and patted the one next to her, inviting him to sit down. He smiled and gladly took the seat. The train started moving once again which surprised the girl a bit and made her fall onto his chest. She blushed and sat back up quickly.

"S-Sorry! It was the train! I didn't mean to fall on you like that." She looked down before looking away, cursing at herself under her breath. Vlad smirked once again at her silliness.

"I don't mind, don't worry about it." She looked back at him, a bit relieved. The young Romanian's eyes widened when he remembered the question he wanted to ask you earlier but didn't get the chance.

"What's your name?" The girl bit her lip and laughed softly.

"____________. My name's ____________." Vladimir, who had gained back his courage, confidently took her hand into his and kissed her knuckles gently.

"I'm Vladimir, but feel free to call me Vlad."

_______________ giggled before looking back outside. The night was clear, pure. It held a reassuring feeling. The feeling you get whenever you close your eyes and breathe out for a few seconds, knowing that for the moment, everything is good. The clouds started to leave the lighter skies to make room for the grand finale; The moon.

It shone brightly and proudly, bathing the Earth with its angelic light. Vladimir stared at it for a couple of seconds before bringing his attention back to you. He smirked.

You two were destined to meet on this night. He could feel it.
Request for :iconplasticpudding: ~ I'm not sure if this is exactly what you wanted, but I really hope you like it! <3

Original link to the image: [link]
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz ©
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