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April 6, 2013
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"Shoot, _________! Shoot!" Your friend's voice was just another among many others.

A loud roar of cheers echoed throughout the crowd as your foot kicked the black and white ball that landed straight inside the net. It took you a good five seconds to register what just happened. You had made the final goal.

Your teammates came running towards you before hoisting you up onto their shoulders, screaming and shouting your name. You laughed and cheered, feeling your cheeks heat up from getting so much attention all so suddenly. The game was currently stuck at a tie, and in order to win you had to make one last point. Which you did.

People rose from their seats and clapped nonstop, glad that their hometown team won.

This was all too perfect for you. Everyone was being so nice and you were feeling happier than ever. But what really made your heart thump was that you couldn't wait to jump into your best friend Gilbert's arms.

After the massive excitement phase was over, you announced to your teammates you had to go see somebody before changing. They nodded and resumed to their chatting, wondering if they should organize some sort of victory celebration.

You skipped up the stairs leading to the seats. You had reserved a seat for Gilbert on the top row, so he could have a good enough view. Feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks at the thought of pouncing into his arms, you didn't notice the empty seat that lay before you.

He didn't show up like he promised.


Burying your head in the large amount of pillows that were scattered across your bed, you mumbled a bunch of nonsense to yourself.

"I should have known he wouldn't show up! That little-" You threw your pillow across the room before you could finish.

"He always does this! He promises stuff, but he never keeps his promises! His motto should be something like Screw logic or The Awesome Gilbert is too awesome to show up at his best friend's soccer game."

To be quite honest, you were more pissed off than sad. But a little part of you knew something like this was going to happen, sadly.

After shouting out a few more curses and swears, you heard a door opening followed by a loud BAM!

You jumped, fearing some stranger just knocked your front door open to come rob you or something. You rolled off of your bed grabbing your dad's old baseball bat that he gave to you for your 12th birthday. But you almost instantly put it back at its original spot, after hearing a familiar and obnoxious voice.

"__________? Where are you, schatz?"

You snorted before rolling your eyes and then hiding under your bed covers, not wanting to come face to face with the traitor.

"Seriously, _________! I need to talk to you."

His loud footsteps marching up the stairs echoed throughout the entire house. Good thing both of your parents were out on business trips in California and Los Angeles. You squeezed your eyes tighter as he got closer to your room. You could hear your door creaking open in a hesitant way, as if the Prussian was frightened you might come hard on him. He knew he broke his promise.

"__________... are you there?" He hesitated a moment, not sure if he should sit at the other end of your bed or if you would immediately push him off.

Hearing a grumpy hmph in response to his question, he took a step closer.

"Lieben, we need to talk. Please get out of there." Gilbert trying to sound as serious as possible, but seeing you act all cute like this made it hard.

"I don't want to talk to you." You hissed from under all of your pillows.

"Well too bad, because I do. Now come on, get up!"

You kicked your covers off so he could get a good look at your pissed off face. Let's just say, the aura that surrounded you would certainly put Ivan to shame.

"Get out of my room, Gil."

He put his hands on his hips and frowned.

"Maybe I don't want to get out."

Ignoring his attitude towards you, you got up from your comfy spot and stomped towards him with a fiery spark in your eyes.

"I said: Get out." You mimicked his action by resting both of your hands on your hips too.

"No." The Prussian rose his nose into the air before crossing his strong arms over his chest.

You raised your hand, ready to slap him at any moment. "Gilbert Beilschmidt, get out of here or I swear to God, I'm going to-" You were cut off by his hand taking a hold of your tiny wrist before it could come in contact with his pale cheek.

His ruby red eyes scanned your body before locking with your (e/c) orbs. You wanted to yell so badly, but the words just wouldn't come out of your mouth. It felt like if they just got stuck in your throat and refused to go any further. A mini staring contest was held between the two of you, before Gilbert interrupted the silence.

"I'm sorry I didn't show up last night. But somehow I ended up at Mathias's place and this morning I remembered about my promise. You can't imagine how bad I felt, ________. I'm sorry I was such a horrible friend to you. After all of those broken promises, I don't think you're going to want to hang out with me anymore."

He stared at his feet, not wanting you to see him blush. Apologizing to you was hard enough, since he usually never apologized to anyone. But you meant the world to him, and loosing you would crush him.

You just stood there, still speechless. His hand was still holding your wrist in mid air.

"I know you probably hate me more than anything right now, but before you kick me out or anything... I just want to say, I love you."

A small smile made its way on your face at the sound of those words.

He let go of your wrist and turned around, ready to leave your room like you wanted him to. But before he could even make one step, you grabbed his large, bony hand with both of your hands and spun him around so he could be facing you.

"Hey, it's my turn to tell you how I feel!"

He looked at you with confused eyes. You just shrugged before pulling him in for a strong and passionate kiss. Your fingers tangled themselves in his silver hair as you pressed your body against his. It took him a few seconds to register what you were doing before he smirked through your kiss and kissed you back with the same intensity, if not even more.

After you pulled away from the kiss, you pressed your forehead against his and smirked playfully.

"Promise you'll stay by my side?"

He laughed silently before raising his pinky finger, which you gladly wrapped around your own.

"I promise."
Crappy title is crappy

Tbh, I don't even know why I wrote this.. You know when an idea pops into your head and you just have to write it down? Yeah, that's a little bit what happened here! :iconyooyayplz: Hope you enjoyed your fiery passionate kiss with Gil ;p

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz ©
Original link to the image (which does not belong to me btw): [link]
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I Love this its so Sweet and Cute
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Me: *high-pitch, girly voice* Y-you could've confessed to me sooner, you kept me waiting, *demonic voice with Russia aura* FRIEND.

Gilbert: *snickers* Oh, one more thing.


Gilbert: Will you be my Valentine? *whispers* Will you be my Valentine?

Me: ………HELL NO!!!


Me: Oh! Uh, I mean, *girly voice* Of course, Gilbert, of course!!! *hugs for five seconds, then whispers* Is it over?

Gilbert: *whispers* Dunno. You need a shower.

Me: *whispers* So do you.
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