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May 13, 2013
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Turn left. Turn right. Make a U-turn. Make a left turn at the fifth stop sign. Keep on going for another... *calculating* ... 50 miles.

"WHAT?!" You shrieked as you hit the breaks. Your car instantly stopped, almost making you hit your head on the steering wheel. Glaring at your newly bought GPS, you took a hold of it and threw it angrily outside your window.

Cheap crap, I knew I shouldn't have bought that GPS from that suspicious looking guy in the white van...

Sighing to yourself, you pushed a curl of hair behind your ear and restarted your car engine to get back onto the road. Technically, you were on your way to your friend Kiku's house. You had borrowed a couple of manga books from him and were intending on returning them to him as soon as possible. Luckily, today was a free day for you, and so you took that rare opportunity to drive to his place. Problem was, it had been a while since you last visited him and you couldn't quite remember where to go. And that's when you bought that damn GPS from the dude in the white van. One heck of a cheap GPS that was.

You were about to get back onto the deserted road before an idea popped into your head. Why not just text him for directions? You slapped yourself in the face before grabbing your cellphone from your purse. With agile thumbs, you tapped in a quick message for Kiku. A few seconds later, he replied to you with clear directions to his place. Without further more interruptions, you slammed on the gas pedal and drove towards his house.


"Ah, finally here!" You stepped out of your car and admired the little house that lay before you. It wasn't much, but it definitely looked cozy in your opinion. Kiku always had a great taste in stuff.

Walking up the wooden outdoor staircase, you smoothed your hair out and checked your lip gloss in your little pocket mirror. For some reason, you always thought you had to look good for Kiku whenever you two would see each other, even though you've known him for years and you know he doesn't care much about looks. It's not like if you had a thing for the Japanese man. Of course not.

After making sure you were all dolled up, you hit the doorbell with your slim finger. You could hear the sound of the doorbell echo throughout the entire house. You waited.

30 seconds.

1 minute.

2 minutes.

Okay, what is he up to now?

Usually, Kiku would come running to the door to greet whoever had dropped by. So... why wasn't he answering? You cupped your hands over your mouth and called out his name a few times. Still no answer.


Feeling a bit curious about all of this, you debated on whether to go explore his backyard or wait by the door. You especially didn't want to come on his property without his permission, but you've been friends since middle school so you guessed he wouldn't mind. And so you walked past a small fence and into the unknown that was Kiku's backyard.


"Damn..." Your eyes widened, mostly in surprise. Kiku's yard looked like the ones you would find in actual Japan.

At the far end was a small pond filled with swimming koi fishes. Next to it stood a small blossom tree with a miniature wooden bridge going over the pond. You felt like you were literally in Japan.

Everything looked like in the movies! There was even a small stone path leading to the pond and towards Kiku's back porch.

After taking a few moments to admire the beauty of this place, you couldn't help but notice a small crouched form next to the tree.


You took a few steps forward quietly, not wanting to give him a scare. When you were close enough, you peeked a bit over his shoulder, him still unaware of your presence. Kiku had a small cream color cat resting on his lap as he smoothed his soft fur out. You smiled, finding the scene quite cute. But things became even cuter when the young Japanese man started talking to the feline.

"I don't know what I should do, Heishi. Should I just tell her? Maybe, but what if the feeling isn't mutual? I certainly don't want to look like a fool, either." He took a moment to sigh deeply, then resumed petting the cat. "She's so... pāfekuto. And I'm just," He chuckled sadly. " Me."

Your smile quickly dropped and you leaned on the tree in order to keep your balance.

Did he really think that about himself?

"Besides, when we were all hanging out at Feliciano's place last week, I saw how she acted around him. She doesn't talk to me the same way. Maybe I... maybe I'm just too late, Heishi." He shook his head, making his coal colored hair swoosh back and forth before burying his face in his arms which were hugging his knees close to his chest.

You bit your lip, not really knowing what to do. He thought you liked Feli? Now that was funny!

He still hadn't figured out you were listening to him. So now you were debating on whether you should get the heck out of there or tap his shoulder. You clenched yourself and gave yourself a little pep talk before taking action.

It's now or never, _________.

You crouched to his level and lightly tapped him on the shoulder. He shot his head up and blushed madly, realizing it was you and not just his imagination.

"_-________? W-What in the world are you-" You pressed a slim finger to his lips to shut him up before he embarrassed himself.

"I don't like Feliciano." He looked down in shame.

"I guess you heard that?" You nodded and gently cupped his cheeks.

"I like you." And with that, you hesitantly pressed your lips to Kiku's. Your eyes were firmly shut, too shy to see Kiku's face right now. Did you make things awkward by kissing him? All you wanted to do was to make it clear to him that you did return his feelings.

Feeling like your time was up, you got ready to pull away. That is, until you felt his hands shyly take a hold of your waist, bringing you closer onto his lap. You let him do it, not wanting to let go either.

Kiku finally pulled away for air and you noticed he was still as red as before. You chuckled and passed a finger on his soft cheek. He raised his hand to capture your own and entwine his fingers with yours. His eyes looked up to meet your gaze and you saw him smile shyly.

"Well, this is a surprise." You giggled and pulled a couple of manga books out from your bag that lay beside you.

"I think these belong to you." He stared at the books before smirking and pushing them aside. He pecked your nose and leaned in so your foreheads could touch.

"I'd prefer it if you belonged to me instead."
Request for :iconaltofox: ~ Hope you liked it! <3

Original link to the image: [link]
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz ©
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