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April 19, 2013
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You were waiting in line behind about a dozen other people. It was Saturday afternoon and there was a heap of costumers today! After a tiring day at work, you decided on getting yourself a cappuccino or something, to calm your nerves down. You were about to turn and leave until you noticed it was finally your turn to order.


After buying yourself a light cappuccino, you wandered around the small shop in search of a free seat. It was kind of hard, considering the large amount of people present. Sighing, you spun around, ready to leave. That is, until you noticed someone from the corner of your eye.

Is that?...

You started waving your hand back and forth, walking towards the already occupied table. "Feli!"

A young man with light brown hair and hazel eyes lifted his head from the spot he was staring at to look up at your glistening (e/c) eyes. His blank expression quickly turned into a charming and sweet smile.

"Ciao, ________! I didn't expect to see you here, today. Come, take a seat with me!" He motioned for the free chair that lay untouched before him. You gladly nodded and took a seat.

After getting yourself comfortable, you propped your elbows on the wooden table and rested your chin in the bottom of your palm.

"What brings you here? I haven't heard from you in days! I was getting worried that something bad might have happened to you, bella. You can't imagine how I'd feel if something happened to my best friend! But enough of that talk, how's work? Busy as always? You know-"

Feliciano just talked and talked. You remained silent and just managed to smile sweetly at him while you listened to his excessive chatting. After what seemed like an eternity, your Italian friend finally stopped talking. He was staring at you, but you couldn't notice since your gaze was focused on the outside world.

Maybe I should just tell him...

Yes, you were mentally debating with yourself on how he'd react if you would confess your recent feeling towards him at this moment. It all started making its surface when he came over to your place about 5 months ago and ended up taking care of you for the whole day because of some illness you caught back then. He had showed his serious and caring side, not that he never does, but it felt much different 5 months ago. When it was just the two of you.




Still no response.


Now this time, his abnormally loud voice awoke you from you daydreaming.

"Oh, sorry Feli. I've had a lot of things on my mind, lately. I get distracted easily too." A sheepish smile formed across your face.

He laughed and grabbed your hand in his large one, making your cheeks turn to a light shade of pink.

"You know you can tell me anything. Feel like talking about it, bella?" The way he called you bella really made you want to just throw yourself in his arms, but you contained yourself and shook your head from left to right.

"I-I'd rather not." Feliciano nodded in approval before looking outside. You took that opportunity to admire how handsome he looked right now, with the few rays of sunlight still shining onto his flawless skin.

Daydreams once again taking over, you didn't notice he had caught you staring at him. He blushed and managed to let out a small chuckle before getting up and pushing his chair back.

"Want to take a walk? They help clear out the mind."

You accepted his offer and followed him out of the cafe before aimlessly wandering the now deserted streets. There was usually a lot of tourists out here at this time of the day.

Odd, there are usually so many people.

You pushed that thought to the back of your mind and focused on keeping your pace equal to the boy walking beside you. So there was a moment of silence, and quite frankly, it was the awkward type. The bubbly Italian noticed and got ready to start a new conversation, until a drop of water quickly landed onto his nose. His sudden halt made you stop as well.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, just that I thought I felt a drop of-" His sentence was cut off by yet another drop landed at the exact same place. You giggled and covered your mouth with your hands, trying not to let the sounds escape.

As if cued, the both of you looked up into the dark and stormy sky, only to be greeted with a sudden shower of water. You squeaked in surprise and tried to cover your head. Feli laughed and looked back at you. Once again, you both started laughing loudly as if in synchronization.

The young man took your wet hand into his and started dragging you down the opposite way.

"My house is just over there! We should get out of this rain!"

"And you just realized this?!" You mocked him, and he gave you a sad little pout in return.



Feliciano struggled to get his key out of his pocket. After a while of endless fiddling, he finally got the front door to open. You ran inside, shaking like a leaf.

"Well, this is my casa! Make yourself at home, bella." He cheered while locking the door behind him.

You looked around, it's been so long since you've last been here. You had really missed coming over to his place. But your work had other plans for you, sadly. You barely had any free time, these days.

"Ragazza, you're shaking! Want me to go and get you a towel to dry yourself with?" His eyes were slowly filling with concern. You smiled and shook your head before taking your coat off.

"No, I think I'll be okay. Besides, it was only my coat that was wet." He smiled in relief and took his vest off as well.

"Hey, your hair is soaked!" You giggled while tousling the water out of his now darker hair.

"U-Um, ________, you shouldn't-" His sentence was cut off by him throwing himself onto you, pinning you to the nearby wall. Your eyes widened in shock after you realized in what position you were in and how close he was to you.

"Y-You touched my curl, ragazza..." You cocked your head in utter confusion, before finally remembering what he meant. His older brother, Lovino, had accidentally spilled out the secret to you a few months before. You knew perfectly what that curl did. And what would come next.

"I-I'm sorry, _________..." Feliciano was fidgeting in place, still keeping your wrists pinned above your head. Then out of the blue, he attacked your neck with butterfly kisses, nips and bites.

This caused you to squeak in surprise. But your eyes soon fluttered shut as you savored the moment, sinking deeply into its trance.

Letting out a moan, you felt him smirk against your sensitive skin.

"Do that sound again." His lips moved from your neck to your jawline and up to the corner of your mouth. He took one last stare into your eyes before crashing his warm lips against your trembling ones. You let another moan of shock escape.

"Oh yes, that..."

One of his hands left your wrist in order to slide under your soaked shirt. His fingers fiddled with the bottom of your bra, until he let out a growl of frustration. Feli wrapped your legs around his waist, his hands under your ass. He walked over to his largest couch and rested your back against it. There was a brief pause before both of his hands grabbed the bottom of your shirt and slid it off of your body. Tossing it to an unknown location, he quickly went back to removing your bra.

With absolutely no problems at all, you were shirtless in a matter of 2 seconds. He didn't even take the time to look at you before his lips took one of your perked nipples into his mouth. You instinctively arched your back and moaned loudly, to Feliciano's pleasure.

After a while of playing and sucking on your breasts, the Italian got up, much to your annoyance. Things were finally starting to get interesting and he just had to stop midway. He noticed your frustration and chuckled.

"Now, now. Patience, ragazza." He swiftly unbuckled his belt and slid his own soaked shirt off before letting his jeans fall to the ground carelessly. So there he stood, in nothing else but his boxers. This turned you on a million times more.

Feliciano seductively walked towards you and hovered above your body until you felt his hands slide both of your pants and panties off of your legs. This time, he took the time to stare at you, admire you from every angle.

"Bella..." He crashed his lips onto yours again, licking your bottom lip. Your hands made their way around his neck and into his brown hair. This time, you made sure to pull on that curl. Hard.

He growled deeply and pinned you, once again, to the sofa. He grinned at you and planted a quick kiss on your nose.

"Ti amo, _______."

This made you smile even more, a giggle escaping your lips. You couldn't contain your happiness anymore. Now that you knew he loved you back, you wanted him even more than ever. Gently caressing the growing bulge in his boxers, you approached your lips to his ear.

"Then prove it."

He smirked and nodded. Taking a few steps back, he let his boxers slide off. Now let's just say, you weren't disappointed with what you saw.

As he moved closer to you, you managed to wrap your legs around his waist and clung to him for dear life.


Nodding in approval, you clung tighter. This wasn't your first time having sex, but since it was with him, you were rather nervous.

"Go for it."

Feliciano slowly slipped his member into your womanhood, making you gasp and moan loudly soon after. Noticing you were enjoying this, he started to thrust at a rather faster pace. Each and every thrust sent multiple waves of intense pleasure throughout your system, each wave bigger than the one before.

Your Italian lover was actually good at this, for he had already located your g-spot. One of his thrusts, bigger than the rest, practically made you scream in bliss.

"O-Oh, Feli! There!" You had quickly turned into a moaning and panting mess.

"You're s-so tight, bella..." Feli's voice was quieter, for the rest of his energy was being spent on you.

Feeling yourself reach the end, you buried your face into the crook of his neck and dug your nails deep into the skin of his back and shoulders. You were sure he'd have marks and scratches after this.

"Oh my God, F-Feli!"

"__-_______! Ah nhggg!" You could feel his hands gripping at your waist a little tighter as he reached his own orgasm.

Your vision became nothing but white, and as the normal colors of life started flowing back, Feli was already laying next to you, panting like a madman. You closed the gap between you two by reaching out to grab his hand and planting a little kiss on the top. This simple action made him smile wider than you've ever seen before.

"T-Ti amo, _______... So much..."

"I love you too, Feli. I love you too..."

The last thing you remember was his grinning face before everything became black once again.

This was a requested lemon for :iconmessed-up-cinderella: Hope you enjoyed it! :meow: I stayed up until 1:30AM writing this, my eyelids are BURNING! :onfire:

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz ©
Original link to the image (which does not belong to me btw):…
And well... you belong to dear Feli :iconcuteitalyplz:
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