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January 5, 2013
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At first you thought you were dreaming,hallucinating.But no, it was real.And it was happening.

Only after a few seconds did you shut your eyes and let the cold embrace take hold of your  soul.Like you imagined them to be, his lips were icy cold.But in a soft way, like a fresh early autumn breeze.As the kiss ended, your noses were still touching.His cheeks turned light pink and his eye lids remained shut, like he was savoring the moment.

But you didn't want it to end.You had thrown your arms around his neck now, and instinctively he wrapped his own arms tight around your back.Like he feared you would somehow leave.The kiss became more intense and he had you up against the wall.

The spirit of winter...I'm in love with the spirit of winter

In your head that sounded extremely cheesy, but you couldn't care less.

Until the doorbell rang.

You both stopped at the same time and looked at each other.A look of surprise and frustration.

And the bell rings when I'm the middle of something, of course!

You blushed and a small laugh escaped Jack's lips.

"I think you better get that."

You nodded and he let go of you.Oh how you wished he didn't.

You walked towards the front door and opened it cautiously.Standing before you was your best friend (best friend's name).Your mood suddenly lightened up.

"Oh hey (best friend's name)! What's up?" you asked.

"Not much, just that I'm babysitting the brats later during the evening." she frowned.


"Yeah, I know.But hey, we were planning on going to the movies and we wanted to know if you wanted to come! (hot guy from school's name) is going to be there." she winked.

"Um...sorry (best friend's name) but my parent's didn't want me going out to places while they were gone.Dumb parent rules." you quickly said.Truth be told, you were actually quite allowed to leave the house.But you didn't want to leave Jack alone.It hurt to lie to your best friend but if you told her about the past couple of days, she would definitely think you're going crazy.She wasn't the type to believe in fairy tales considering her age.

"Oh...well, if you ever change your mind you know were to find us.Er, bye (your name)." she turned and walked away from your house.

She was disappointed, and it showed.But what else could you tell her?

You waved your hand, and closed the door with that feeling inside your guts.That weird and horrible feeling you get when you lie to someone who shouldn't be lied to.Especially when the two of you swore to tell each other everything, at the age of 7.

You shuffled back to the living room, only to find it empty.

"Jack?" you shouted out loud.

You payed attention to every sound.But no response from the silver-haired boy.

You crossed your arms over your chest and sighed.

"Jack, get down here.I know you're above me."

You lifted your head towards the ceiling and saw him stuck to it spiderman style. You raised an eyebrow in his direction.

"Having a hard time playing Hide n' Seek with me?" you laughed as he stood there frozen.

"It seems so." he laughed.

He hovered down and leaned on his staff.

"Who was it?" he asked.

"Hmm? Oh, just a friend.Nothing big." you smiled,trying to assure him everything was fine.

"OK,cool." he looked at the couch and sat on it comfortably.He patted the spot next to him.You smiled and took a seat by his side.You rested your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes.After a few minutes of silence, Jack started humming a song.The song he told you about earlier with the mother and her son.

You smiled to yourself, happy to be here with him.
:w00t: Chapter 8 completed, have a better feeling about the next chapter tho :D

I was a bit in a hurry, so I might of messed this one up a bit,err...I promise to make the next one better!

Chapter 7: link
Chapter 9: link

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