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December 31, 2012
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"Jack Frost? Like the Jack Frost ?!" you asked, tingling with excitement.

He chuckled and slightly nodded.

"Yeah, the mighty Jack Frost! Cool, right?" he leaned on his staff in a confident way.

"This,this is like incredible! I was reading about you last night, I had no idea you actually existed in human form.I expected Jack Frost to be more of an invisible spirit or something...but this works too, I guess." you smiled, still not believing the last few moments.

"Well actually I am invisible...just not to you." he stopped smiling and looked to his side, like he was trying to avoid any eye contact.


"N-no forget it.Nothing important, trust me." he looked up at you and smiled warmly.Then his eyes became wide and he quickly asked you: "Have you ever gone on a plane?"

You gave him the confused look and shrugged.

"Well yeah probably when I was little but I don't-"

He quickly grabbed your arm and threw you over his back like if he was about to give you a piggy back ride.He ordered you to put your arms around his neck and to hold on.

"Because this is way better than an airplane." And then he shot up for the sky, without any warning.

"WOAH!" you yelled as you got higher and higher.

You tightened your grip around his neck, but then loosened it, by fear that you might strangle him.

Jack was flying at an incredible speed. You squeezed your eyes together and blurted out: "Where are you taking meee?"

He laughed and turned his head towards your face.


Oh stop being so mysterious

He suddenly stopped flying, but you knew you were both still floating. You could hear him insisting on opening your eyes.

"C'mon, you'll adore the view"

The view?

You managed to open them, and you gasped. Your jaw literally dropped and you wanted to cover your mouth with your hands but they were already around Jack's cold neck.

Beneath you were rows snow-covered mountains and miles of majestic white pine trees.All of that stretching into the horizon.It was like an image coming straight out of a movie.You smiled widely. And I mean widely.

"Jack, this is beautiful."

You could feel him smile, even though you couldn't actually see it.

"Glad you like it.Hey, I wanna show you something else!"

He gained speed and headed for the ground.You were starting to freak out,because he was getting faster and faster.

"Jack-JACK WE'RE GOING TO CRASH!" Once again, you tightened your grip around his neck.This time, you didn't even think about the choking. Suddenly, everything stopped. You opened one eye to make sure you weren't dead.But you quickly realized you were on land.Jack took your hand and helped you off his back. He turned to you with a cheeky smile.

"I would never let you crash."
Holaa amigos! I know that I posted this journal entry last night about me losing the original chapter 4 and all...but that problem is resolved!

Although I sorta "re-wrote" the chapter to make it better, I still included a few items from the original I wrote last night that you unfortunately weren't able to read :s

I wanted to end it differently too, but I saved that special part for Chapter 5's ending :D

Hope you guys enjoyed this one! :la:

Chapter 5: link
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