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June 13, 2013
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"And tonight's weather forecast is a high chance of a rather large snowstorm later during the evening along with extremely strong winds reaching up to 100 km/h and..."

The news anchor's voice echoed from the living room while you were in the kitchen, cleaning the dishes.

After hearing his last sentence, your entire attention was now fully on him.

"...we suggest you stay indoors from now on, considering the dangerous temperature outside. Accidents will be easy to get in a climate like the one we're going to be experiencing tonight. Already 7 major accidents have occurred on the East highway..."

You dropped the plate you were cleaning into the water filled sink and dashed towards the window. As you pulled the curtains apart, you felt your entire being crushed.

Snow flew everywhere, strong winds were practically knocking down nearby trees and everything seemed white, not to mention that the sun was setting and the roads were probably covered in slippery ice.


Your husband had work today, and looking at the time which was 7:34 PM, he was currently on his way back home. What if he got into an accident too along the way? Your breathing stopped for a couple of seconds and you shook your head.

Don't think that way. He's going to be fine, you'll see.

You chuckled to yourself nervously and headed back towards the kitchen. Grabbing the unfinished plate, you began scrubbing it again. But there was still that uneasy feeling in the back of your mind. Just, what if something bad did happen? You couldn't bare the thought of loosing him, after all you two have been through during these past years. It would be like loosing a part of yourself. Nobody can survive with just one half.

You grew more worried as the clock's arrows ticked, but you tried not to seem too overly dramatic and tried to ease your thoughts by thinking about fun stuff. Like the news your were planning on telling Matthew about when he got home. You smiled lightly and looked down at your stomach which was getting a little larger every day. You were with child.

It all began when you started to experience frequent nausea and heartburn. At first, you figured it was just a virus. But what do you call a virus that lasts longer than two weeks? You grew worried about your health an went to see a doctor alone, because the last thing you wanted was to alarm Matthew. Turns out, you were pregnant. Now you were happy Matthew didn't come with you that day, because now you get the chance to tell him yourself. You knew he was going to be thrilled about it, since he had been talking about having kids a couple of months ago.

You grinned dreamily at those thoughts, thinking about his face when he'll find out. Instinctively, you turned your head towards the old clock that hung on the opposite wall to check the time.

8:38 PM

"What?" You gasped. Had it been that long?

You looked down at your hands and realized you had been washing the rest of your dishes unconsciously. All of the plates, spoons, forks and cups lay next to the counter, freshly cleaned. Taking a quick peek outside, the sun had vanished long ago and the whole neighborhood bathed in utter darkness.

Matthew was supposed to arrive 40 minutes ago.

"Maybe I should give him a call, just to make sure." You whispered to no one in particular as you made your way towards the house phone. With one quick movement you grabbed it and dialed his cellphone number.

It rang once.

It rang twice.

4 times.

5 times.

"Hey, this is Matthew! I'm not available right now, so please leave me a message and I'll call you back as soon as possible. Thanks!"

Your heart fluttered at his adorable shy voice, but you soon snapped out of your daydream when you realized he didn't answer. Which was odd, considering he always answered, because he hated ignoring people's calls. You placed the phone back to its original spot and huffed.

"No big deal, probably busy keeping his eyes on the road. I'm sure he's fine-" And as if on cue, the power went out, leaving you alone in the dark.

You felt the entire house being rocked back and forth by the powerful winter winds. For what seemed like an eternity, you just stood in the middle of your living room, not too sure what to do or think. You took a seat on the couch and folded your hands over your lap. You figured the only thing to do now was to wait and see what happens. Bringing a hesitant hand up to your stomach, you rubbed your small but noticeable bulge.


The doorknob shook violently and the door swung open instantly before being closed once again.

"G-God, it's cold out t-there..." Matthew complained to himself as he dropped his bags to the floor and removed his multiple layers of coats along with his big winter boots. He turned to the lamp that stood next to the staircase and flicked the switch to create some light, but it remained shut. He shrugged and looked around for a bit.

"Hmph, power must be out." The young Canadian took a small step into the living room, where you had passed out an hour earlier, and whispered your name out.

"_________? You here?" He noticed your fragile form fast asleep on the big couch, your frizzy hair covering half of your face and your arms dropping to the floor in a lazy matter. Matthew smiled to himself and gently smoothed your hair out.

"Hey, you awake, sweetie?" Feeling someone pet your hair, you brought a tired hand up to your face and groaned. Instead of recognizing your dear lover, you assumed you were still dreaming and turned to your side. Matthew brushed a few annoying strands of hair away from your face and pecked the tip of your nose. You awoke almost suddenly to the familiar and comforting face of your husband.

"Matt!" You cheered as you swung your arms around his neck, forcing him into a bone crushing hug. He, surprised by your actions, blushed before gingerly returning your hug in an affectionate way.

"S-So I guess you missed me too?" He stuttered, which was common for him. Nevertheless, you loved it when he stuttered.

"Of course I missed you! God, I was so damn worried!" You pulled away momentarily to shower his face with love kisses. He squeezed his eyes shut in laughter as he felt your lips give him several pecks. He reopened his eyes to stare into yours. They truly held worry in them.

"I'm sorry if I worried you to death. I had a hard time driving on the icy roads and to make things worse, I got a flat tire along the way..." He smiled sheepishly, shaking his snow covered hair a bit. You looked down and wrapped your arms around his torso.

"I don't care about that anymore. You're here and you're safe. For me, that's all that counts." You looked back up at him and smiled with all of your teeth. He smiled back and brought his hands to your lower back, trying to take you into his arms to twirl you around a bit. You squealed as he spun you around a couple of times. Matthew panted heavily and smirked.

"Somebody's getting heavy, eh?" He joked, but his sentence made you realize something else.

"Uh, yeah... About that..." You took one of his hands in between your own and squeezed it tightly, feeling nervous about his upcoming reaction.

"I have something to tell you, Matt." His smile became an horizontal line and he grew more serious.

"What do you have to tell me?" Biting your lower lip, you brought his hand down to your lower stomach and made it rest over your growing child. At first, Matthew didn't quite get the message. He looked at his hand and looked back up at you, trying to find answers to his questions. He gulped and was about to open his mouth to ask why you put his hand there, but he realized it. His hand was covering a small bulge. He felt it. His sky blue orbs grew wide and he looked back up at your own.

"Y-You mean you're..." He didn't seem capable of finishing his sentence, but you nodded anyways.

The Canadian stared back down at his hand, silent as a tomb. You bit your lower lip again and looked away, wondering if he was frustrated. But instead, you heard a single chuckle. You brought your gaze back to him to find him smiling like a young child on Christmas morning.

"Mat-" He pulled you in for a true bear hug while burying his nose in the crook of your neck.

"I can't believe it. I'm going to be a father! _________, this is amazing!" He laughed joyfully, his voice muffled by your hair. Feeling absolutely relieved, you rested your chin on his shoulder. Matthew pulled away and planted a long and love filled kiss square on your lips.

"You're going to be an amazing mother, ___________. I just... I'm just so happy!" His cheeks held a light blush on them, proving his excitement.

"How about you? You're going to be one heck of an awesome dad! You'll be making pancakes for the kid every morning." You joked, smiling up at him. He looked down bashfully before slowly pulling you back to his chest.

"I wouldn't want to have my child with anyone else but you, __________."

You rested your tired head on his chest, and not even two seconds after the lights came back on, giving you a clearer view of your lover. He pecked your cheek one last time before resting his chin on your head.

"I love you so much, __________. You can't believe just how much I do."

"I love you too, Matt. More than anything else."
This was just a little something I came up with earlier during the day :iconloveloveplz: I haven't made a CanadaxReader in a while and I figured it would be good for both me and you guys! Sorry if I didn't include Kumajiro in the story ^^; Ain't Canada just the cutest? :iconilavplz: Anyways, I sincerely hoped you guys liked this! <3

Link to the image: [link]
Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz ©
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