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July 23, 2013
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"Chica, time to wake up!" Cheered Antonio as he burst into your room, joy radiating from his green orbs. You rolled over so you could be facing him and stuck your tongue out.

"Make me!" You barked back, pulling the covers over your head to protect yourself from your dreadful enemy that was winter.

"I told you she was going to be cranky!" Hollered a voice from the room next door. Obviously, it was Gilbert. Antonio pouted and walked towards your bedside. You felt the mattress move under his weight as he took a seat at the edge of your bed.

"_________, please get up. It's a beautiful day outside and I was wondering if you wanted to come snowmobiling with me and the boys!" His frown turned into a hopeful smile as you peeked from under the sheets.

"But it's freezing out there... And my bed is warm..." He saw you hesitate and jumped into action. The Spaniard was determined to get you to go outside with them. How could you hate winter so much? It was such a fun season!

"Chica, let me propose a deal; You spend at least two hours with us outside without complaining and I promise to not bother you for the remaining days of winter..." You quickly propped yourself up on your elbows and eyed him up and down, trying to detect even the slightest hint of lying in him. He closed his eyes gleefully, seeing as though you seemed to have taken interest in his proposition.

"...and I'll make you hot cocoa when we get back in, si?" He had you at hot cocoa.

"You got yourself a deal, Fernandez!" You proudly took his hand into yours and shook it, sealing in the deal.


"Are you coming, ma belle?" Asked Francis from the entrance. His hand was resting on the doorknob but he waited for you to answer before opening it. Gilbert was covering his mouth with his hand, trying to hold himself back from laughing.

You were dressed up in the thickest winter coat anyone could possibly imagine, you shifted uncomfortably in your heavy boots and your scarf was maybe three times as large as the ones the boys were wearing. So basically, you looked like Frosty the Snowman brought to life. But even funnier.

Antonio thought you were rather cute in that outfit, not that he'd say it out loud. So he smacked Gilbert on the arm, warning him to keep his mouth shut. Gilbert pouted and walked up to you. He grabbed your hand and dragged you towards the door. You sighed and looked back at Francis.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Francis smiled and opened the door, letting a gust of cold wind in. You had to cover your eyes to protect yourself from the snow in your face. When you were finally outside, you immediately wrapped your arms around your body and shivered.

"Damn, it's fr-" Antonio raised an eyebrow at you, reminding you that you both had a deal earlier. You bit your lip and looked down.

Just 2 hours. All you have to do is not complain for 2 hours. Heck, this is going to be easy! Ha! This isn't so bad after all. Take that Jack Fro-

As you were following Francis down the steps, you accidentally slipped on an iced area and were sent tumbling to the ground. You landed perfectly on your rump and a sharp sting of pain was sent up your spine. You could have let a series of curses out of your mouth but instead you tightened your lips and simply winced.

"BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Gilbert fell to the ground right beside you, although it was just because he couldn't control his fit of laughter. He clutched his stomach and rolled over himself in the snow. You glared at him but remained silent. He looked back up at you with his ruby red eyes and wiped a small tear away.

"Mein Gott, _________... You should have seen your fall, frau..." He chuckled a few times before helping you up.

"Are you alright?!" Gasped Francis and Antonio as they ran towards you to help you up too. You shooed them away before brushing the powdery snow off of your coat.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Stop worrying so much." They glanced at each other before looking back at you.

"You sure?" Asked Francis. You sighed and nodded.

"Yes. Thanks for your concern, though." You couldn't help but feel a little warm inside. Were they actually concerned about you? All they've ever done is pull pranks on you and tease you so it felt actually nice to know that they really did care. Just as you were about to smile, Antonio chuckled.

"I'm glad you're okay. BECAUSE THAT WAS ONE HECK OF A FUNNY SCENE!" And they were all sent into another fit of uncontrollable laughter. Your smile instantly dropped and you narrowed your eyes. Yup. They were still dumb.




You just stood there, arms crossed and ready to go on a killing spree any minute. You swore you felt your left eye twitch in annoyance.

No complaining, no complaining, no complaining...

You breathed in deeply before looking back into their direction and flailing your arms like a hyperactive bird, trying to catch their attention.

"Guys! Snowmobiling, remember?" Their laughs quickly turned into silent chuckles and they all nodded in unison like they usually did.

"Of course. C'mon, they're right behind the shed." Gilbert stated before making his way to the mentioned area. Antonio, Francis and you followed him in the deep snow before arriving in front of three snowmobiles. Two of them were black and one was white. Antonio grabbed the white one while the two others grabbed the black ones.

"You can sit behind me, _________!" Smiled Francis as he was putting his helmet on. You walked up to him and he helped you up onto the machine. Your hands flew around his torso and you rested your head on his back, bracing yourself from the reckless driving that was to come. Francis always liked being extreme when you were around. It was his way of impressing you.

"Ready?" Shouted Antonio from his vehicle as he turned his snowmobile on. All three of you nodded and the Spaniard took the lead on the snowy trail. Gilbert was the second to go and that's when Francis went into full-speed. Your grip around him tightened as you felt your head being shot backwards from the speed the Frenchman was going at.

"God, Francis! Slow down, will ya?!" You shouted from behind but your voice was muffled by your scarf and the strong winter winds didn't help either.

"What? I can't hear you, ma belle!" Snickered the blond. You sighed and just focused on keeping your head steady on his back.

This was going to be a long day.


"So? Did you have fun, _______?" Asked Toni as all four of you entered the warm wooden house. The three guys seemed alright, but you... Oh, you were a different story.

You were covered in a powdery layer of snow, you couldn't feel your toes nor your fingers despite your gloves and thick socks, there was some wet snow that came inside your coat and it melted due to your hot body temperature and you felt icicles at the entrance of your nose. You were shaking from head to toe but you managed to keep your mouth shut from any complaints and plastered a fake yet sarcastic smile.

"Oh, yeah! Today was awesome, Toni! Can't you see how much fun I had?" You flashed all three of them a psycho smile but they seemed to be taking you seriously.

"Merveilleux! I shall be taking a shower now. Care to join, _______?" You shot him daggers through your half lidded eyes and he just pranced away singing Ohonhonhon. Gilbert yawned loudly and started walking towards his room.

"Well, I guess I'll be going to bed. G'night, people."

"But... it's only 3 PM..." You pointed out.

"Yeah, and?" Shouted the Prussian before slamming his door shut. The Spaniard shrugged before turning back to you and crossing his arms over his chest. He smirked and patted your shoulder before you could swat it away.

"I'm impressed, chica! You managed to not complain for a whole 2 hours and come outside with us! See, was that so bad?" You pouted and threw your arms into the air.

"Yes! Yes it was bad! Look at me, Toni! Now I'm really Frosty the Snowman!" He laughed and leaned over to peck your forehead. You kept a dull expression and frowned lightly.

"Will a hot cocoa make you feel better?" He asked. Your expression suddenly changed.

"...maybe." The cheery Spaniard grinned before making his way towards the kitchen. You watched him walk away with a small smile on your lips before you remembered a very important detail.

"And you better put marshmallows in it!"
Requested by :iconkrina531: ~ Hope you liked it! :heart:

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz ©
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CatcomixSF Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Punching them isn't complaining and I like he cold I just don't like the outside I would have walked out there with a sweater long pants earmuffs and mittens 
madame-North Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
And you better put marshmallows in it!
Shaliliathehedgehog Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually a Jack Frost fan, a Hetalia fan, and a MOTHERFUCKING DOCTOR WHO FAN!! HELL YEAH!! X3
Shaliliathehedgehog Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually a Jack Frost fan, a Hetalia fan, and a MOTHERFUCKING DOCTOR WHO FAN!! HELL YEAH!! X3
Ivans-sunflower2468 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
First of all:
That sounds too much like me... XD
Second of all:
Guys, Y U NO LET ME DRIVE MY OWN SNOWMOBILE? I CAN DRIVE TOO! :icongermanyfacepalmplz: :icongermanicdespairplz:
:iconfrenchwhineplz: I'm sorry! Plz don't hurt me!
:iconsadspainplz: I'm sowy! <3 Don't kill meh... Pwease.
:iconprussiawinplz: I'm too awesome.
I will kill you.
:icondonthurtawesomeplz: I'm so sorry, don't touch my awesome!

BadTouchTrioFangirl Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
Francis wait for me!!! Toni please also make churro's *runs into the bathroom giggling*
dinorex33 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"And you better put marshmallows in it!" I just DIED laughing! XD
Tinaotaku123 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
XD Toni won't bother me, but he never said anything about Francis and Gilbert
Goddess-ofMercy Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The last line is totally me. XD Good job! ^_^
creek17 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
..... France, I will join you, Toni is an asswhole!!!! *smirks and walks into the bathroom.*
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