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Watching you dance your heart out in the streets of Milan from his balcony, Lovino Vargas rested his chin in the palm of his hand and sighed at how marvelous you looked down there. Tonight was Vigila di Natale, also known as Christmas Eve, and everyone was out in the streets celebrating despite the small amount of snow that had fallen the previous day. People were out dancing, singing, eating and of course drinking.

Lovino wasn't much of a party person to be begin with and besides, he liked leaning over his balcony and watching what people were up to. The city at night was such a beautiful thing to see with all of its lights and music. But the real beauty he was admiring tonight was you; a sweet, average village girl who lived right across the street.

Lovino just couldn't get enough of you. The way you were so kind with everyone no matter who they were, your forever bright personality and dazzling smile that could make any boy fall head over heels for you in a second. Why did he have to like you so much? The worst part of all of this was that he knew he could never end up with a girl like you. He, an arrogant, easily annoyed and (not to mention) rude guy could never be loved by such an amazing person like you.

So every Christmas Eve he would go out onto his balcony on the second floor of his house and watch you dance the whole night out with your friends and family. It's not like he could do anything else. Lovino couldn't dance anyways.

"Fratello! Fratello!" The young Italian sighed and turned around to face his younger and hyperactive brother.

"What do you need, Feli?" Feliciano took a spot on the edge next to his brother and looked down at the people who were celebrating.

"It's a lot of fun down there! Why don't you join us?"

"I-I just don't feel like it tonight."

"But Lovi, you say that every year..." Lovino sighed and looked away briefly, trying to hide the shame in his eyes. Feliciano took a better peak at the crowd down below to see if his older brother was trying to avoid a certain person. He then spotted you and a tiny smile crept onto his face.

"Hey, is it because of that ragazza you always get shy around?" Lovino spun around and stared at his younger brother with wide eyes.


"Nobody! I just figured it out." He chirped. Lovino let a miniature growl to escape his mouth before slumping back onto the wooden rail.

"Who cares, anyway. It won't make a difference if I go down there or not. She still won't notice me." The bubbly Italian standing a few feet away from him  thought about that for a moment before coming up with a somewhat good idea.

"Then make her notice you!" Lovino lazily turned his head back to his brother and frowned in disappointment.

"And how do you suppose I do that?"

"Easy! Confess!" The older brother suddenly burst into laughter at Feliciano's suggestion. Confess to you? What kind of an idea was that?

"Like hell I will. I'm too much of a loser for a ragazza like her anyways. She'll run away from me as soon as she realizes how horrible I am."

Feliciano frowned at the way Lovino kept on saying bad stuff about himself. Why did he always see himself as some sort of bad guy? Lovino couldn't see it but he was actually quite a sweetheart as soon as you got to know him better. But Feliciano knew him well enough to know that words wouldn't affect him. He was sick and tired of seeing his brother act so sad and moody all the time. Especially on Christmas' Eve. But not this year.

No, this year he was going to make sure his brother would have the time of his life. He quickly ran inside only to come out a couple of minutes later. He ordered his older brother to face him and shoved the item into his hands. Lovino stared at it for a good while before looking back up and sighing.

"Why'd you give me wine?"

"Because you're going to drink it."

"What?" Feliciano ripped the bottle from Lovino's grip and pulled the cap off before handing it back to him with much force.

"C'mon, drink it! You walk like if you had a pole stuck up your ass and I just want you to have a good time because it's Vigila di Natale!" Feliciano's cheerful attitude and warm smile was too much to simply ignore. He shrugged then took a big sip of the sweet Italian wine. It tasted better than he remembered. He let a tiny smile creep onto his lips and gulped down a larger amount.

"This is actually some good wine."


Soon enough, Lovino was able to finish the whole bottle in a small amount of time and his brother began noticed his half drunk state.

"Felii *hic* You know that I *hic* adore you, riiiiiight?" Feliciano smirked before throwing his arm around his shoulders and slowly walking towads the door that led downstaris. Lovino's head started to turn in all directions and for a moment there, he looked quite confused.

"Feli, where are you *hic* taking meeee?"

"I'm taking you outside, where the party's at!" He smiled.


You, on the other hand, were already outside playing, dancing and singing with your friends and neighbors. You loved the holidays more than anything in the world. Having everybody together was your definition of a good time. Your family worked hard all year round, so this was the time to let everything go. There was one thing that bothered you, though. For a few years now you had noticed one of your neighbors, Lovino Vargas, was never to be seen during this time of year. It wasn't until last Christmas Eve that you noticed him resting himself up on his balcony, watching everything happen down below. He looked so... lonely. That wasn't all, though. Even when the holidays were over, Lovino still seemed so alone and barely showed himself outside of his home. Once, while you were buying bread for your mother at the local supermarket, you bumped into him and as you cheerfully greeted him, he simply walked away in a hurry. It left you feeling upset, but you brushed it off quickly enough. He seemed so sweet.

As you were about to go back inside to eat a small snack, something unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, a door was slammed open. Turning around, you saw that it came from the Vargas household and the one who had opened the door was...

"Lovino?..." you asked yourself.

His cheeks were slightly pink, his brown locks were a mess but he had the biggest grin on his face. The look of a drunk man.

"It's okay everyone! I *hic* just came downstairs to join the party. Where did the music go? I wanna *hic* dance!" he slurred.

The group of musicians that had installed themselves in the middle of the street exchanged a few confused looks before shrugging and playing their holiday tunes. It was Christmas after all, drunk people were to be expected!

As soon as Lovino heard the music start again, he snapped his fingers and threw himself in the crowd of dancing villagers. You watched as he moved his arms and swayed his hips. This was a side of him you had definitely never seen before, but you kind of liked it. The young Italian seemed to let the music flow through him. Suddenly, his eyes shot open as if he had just remembered something. He turned your way and as soon as he lay his eyes on you, he froze.

What in the world is he looking at?

Lovino stood a few more seconds staring at you before walking in your direction. You weren't quite sure what to do. You didn't exactly know him, but in a way you did. When he was a few feet away from you, he stopped walking. He just stared.

"H-Hey Lovino... How ya doing?" You awkwardly greeted him.

"Never been better. You know, I was dancing back there and I noticed you were standing here."

"You're right, I'm standing right here." You weren't sure where he was trying to go.

"And I simply asked myself... Why the heck aren't you dancing with the rest of us?" He took your hand and dragged you back into the crowd of people dancing, kissing and laughing. It definitely took you by surprise, but the sudden boldness Lovino was showing made it kind of exciting too. You gripped his hand and followed him into the cloud of music, confetti and wine.

And you danced all night long.


A few hours had passed already. It was past midnight and most of the people had left long ago due to fatigue. The musicians were packing up and getting ready to walk back home. The only remaining souls were the ones who were drunk in love or passed out in the open. Lovino, on the other hand, was still conscious, but not for long. He was sitting on a bench holding his head between his hands, groaning at the pain he was feeling. You sat next to him and rubbed his back.

"You're not a big drinker, are you?" You teased. He shook his head no.

"My stupid brother thought it would be a good idea to get me drunk. He says I'm too stuck up and the only cure to that is alcohol." You found his answer funny.

"Your brother is a sweet guy. I talk to him sometimes when I go buy stuff at the supermarket. You're sweet too, you know. I never see you like I see Feliciano, though. You should definitely go out more often, that way I could get to know you better."

Lovino, upon hearing your words, rose his head back up to look at you. You had just told him that you wanted to get to know him better. Was he dreaming? You put your hand on his and smiled.

"It's getting late. You should head to bed if you don't wanna end up with a killer hangover tomorrow morning." All Lovino could do was look at you. Your hair seemed to fall perfectly into place, you didn't look tired at all and your eyes seemed brighter than usual.

"Y-Yeah... I'll go to bed."

"Good!" He watched as you got up from the bench you were both sitting on and walked back to your house, which was pretty much a few steps away from his.

"Hey, Lovino?" You chirped before closing your door.

"Yes?" You smiled warmly at him and blew a kiss.

"Merry Christmas."


"Sooooo? How did it go?" Feliciano smirked as his older brother stumbled across the living room, drunker than ever.

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but... Your dumb plan actually kind of worked, fratello." Feliciano patted him on the back while helping him walk up the stairs.

"Of course it did. I gave you some pretty good wine."
To those who celebrate it, a very merry Christmas to you all! :iconloveyouplz:


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